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#20 - Front end repair 4

Austin HealeyPosted by Anders Gustafson Mar 03, 2013 19:06:29
My complete attention is now to fit the new rails to the frame. The jig I made is now very useful to make sure all measurements are correct. There will be a staggered cut along the top and bottom seam on each rail. The result will be a weld along the top and bottom seam, and a butt weld at each end. The cut on the left rail is further back to replace the old repair, which is in line with the front out-rigger. It also included a box inside the rail to strengthen the weld. This will be partly removed. As mentioned earlier I will lower the front tip of the rails about 10 mm. Pictures show the progress, there is still a lot of work before start welding.

#19 - Pedal box repair

Austin HealeyPosted by Anders Gustafson Mar 03, 2013 18:31:48
The pedal boxes show some damage, probably from the old accident. The front parts I got also included the boxes and part of the firewall, so why not use them...... I only replaced the front half, as can be seen on the pictures.

#18 Front end repair 3

Austin HealeyPosted by Anders Gustafson Feb 25, 2013 22:38:49
After sandblasting the housing I made an adjustment to the yoke to make better room for the modern crank damper I have bought.

Cutting the old frame.... A bit scary, but all fixing points have been documented. The support rails and jig can be seen here. The vertical brackets are part of the support for fixing the new rails, cross-member and suspension parts. Some adjustment will be made to straighten the frame. The front edge will be about 10 mm lower than the old to compensate for 50 years of engine weight on the frame.

#5 Pictures 2012

TVRPosted by Anders Gustafson Feb 25, 2013 22:25:31
Pictures taken in June 2012

#4 New headlights

TVRPosted by Anders Gustafson Feb 25, 2013 22:17:06

When browsing the TVR-pages on Pistonheads I spotted a few cars which had headlights replaced with VW Lupo ones. I think they make the car look a bit more modern without changing the original appearance too much. I had to replace the old ones anyway to comply with right hand traffic, so why not go for it. I made a "mounting case" in glass-fiber using the new headlamp as mock-up. Initially, the idea was to be able to slide in the new lamp housing in the mounting case. But the housing diameter behind the glass is too wide, so the case has to be mounted with the lamp installed from behind. To do this I made three mounting points, one at the engine wall, and two adjustable ones on the inside of the fender, and on the bottom, allowing some beam adjustment. Fine adjustment is done using the normal adjustment screws on the headlight housing..

#17 Front end repair 2

Austin HealeyPosted by Anders Gustafson Feb 25, 2013 22:06:07
Trial fitting the new rails, crossmember and a complete front suspension housing, which Healey-friend Mats Svanberg provided. The pictures show the result, not too complicated to separate the suspension housing from the old frame. New wishbone mountings will be fitted, bottom picture show the caster angle.

#16 Front end repair 1

Austin HealeyPosted by Anders Gustafson Feb 23, 2013 16:55:46
One thing I have learned is to measure not once but over and over again... I made these support bars/jigs to ensure I have the right measurement when replacing the rails, cross-member and suspension housing etc. The fix points are the shock absorber mounts and the rear mounts for the bumper bracket. The left rail is 6 mm higher than the right, which has to be compensated when fitting the new rail. A probable result from the old accident repair, when the left rail and housing was replaced from the front out-rigger and forward.

#15 Grand Turismo November 2012

Austin HealeyPosted by Anders Gustafson Feb 23, 2013 16:43:33
The bare chassis at the club booth during the show. Smiling faces and a lot of nice people commenting on our cars.

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